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Rachael Inchboard

Harrogate, N.Yorks - View Map

Mobile: 07903 629878
Web: www.harrogatemassage.co.uk

About Us

Fusionage Therapies offers Swedish and Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage.Sports Massage,Dorn Therapy

'Since 75% of disease is thought to be caused by stress, massage,which reduces stress, may well improve health'

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM)-Is an extremely light pressure massage that puts you in a deeply relaxed state and promotes a strong and healthy immune system.

*Stimulates lymph fluid which collects toxins, waste and bacteria,which could otherwise cause disease and illness.

*Delivers antibodies and nutrients to help boost the immune system.

*Oxygenates parts of the body with localised fat.

*Helps with the regeneration of body tissues.

Helps cellulite on legs and hips,Improves skin tone and texture and improves fine lines on the face.Helps refresh breast and chest tissue, helps minimise scar tissue, speeds healing of injuries. Aids and prevents viral infections,colds and flu.Dental and sinus problems, chronic fatigue.Stress and anxiety-deeply relaxing and calms the mind.

Swedish Massage-Uses a range of movements and pressure to manipulate tissues for both local and overall therapeutic effects and benefits.

*Relieves muscular tension- loosens tight knotted muscles.

*Relaxes and calms the mind- helps promote self healing.

*Eases away aching joints.

*Helps rejuvenate the whole body and sense of well being.

Rachael looks forward to discussing how she can help you. Each treatment begins with a consultation to discuss lifestyle and medical history.This is to ensure the treatment will be suitable for you and will not aggravate any existing conditions.
The treatment will be tailored to your requirements.
Please contact Rachael Inchboard BA(Hons)PgDip/ITEC/CTHA.
07903 629878

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