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Andrea Alexander

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Hi, I am a Complementary Therapist who is trained in various therapies as listed on this website.


I would like to say thank you to everyone who came down to the Health & Wellbeing fete at the Jean Stokes Community Hall on 24 April, where I provided Indian Head Massage.

I was only meant to volunteer my services for two hours, but ended up staying the whole day due to the high demand for this therapy!

At the end of the day I was exhausted and my feet were killing me - but I was also exhilarated by the positive feedback I received!


Eid is an important religious celebration in the Islamic calendar for this is when Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan.

On 12 June, from 4.00pm to 6.30pm there will be a celebratory event at the Jean Stokes Community Hall to mark Eid.

As well as music, food and other activities I shall be pleased to be offering Indian Head Massage.

Everyone is welcome!

31st May 2019


I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came down to Eid.

Again, due to the high demand for Indian Head Massage this therapeutic session overan by nearly an hour!

14th June 2019


On 23rd June, The Cally Festival takes place in London, Islington on the Caledonian Road. This is an annual event that celebrates everything that the area has to offer and lasts from12pm to 6pm.

I shall be providing Indian Head Massage in the Calm Zone of the festival. I must admit I have never performed Indian Head Massage outside before, so it should be interesting to see how this experience transpires!

See you there!

21st June 2019


I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came to the Calm Zone at the Cally Festival. I would also like to apologise to those who were left disappointed due to the Calm Zone's unexpected early closure at 5pm instead of the stated 6pm, which was for the Cally Festival itself.

10th July 2019


I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came to the Community Fun Day on 23rd July, (I was informed about the event too late to advertise it) which was held at the Hugh Cubitt Community Centre.

I was also delighted to meet a visitor who came to the Cally Festival. This person told me that after a Indian Head Massage treatment the migraines that they had been plagued with had not returned since!

I was also gratified to receive an email two weeks ago from a member of staff at the Health & Wellbeing fete that took place in April stating:

"We had very good feedback from residents about you..... "

Thank you residents it was a pleasure to be of service!

23rd July 2019

The Hillrise Ward Councillors Invite You to The HILLRISE SUMMER FESTIVAL!

On 10th August I shall be at the Hillrise Summer Festival between 12pm and 4pm. This event is being held at Caxton House Community Centre (Archway), 129 St John's Way, London, N19 3RQ.

I shall look forward to seeing you.

9th August 2019


I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came to the Hillrise (Indoor) Summer Festival. It was a great day!

I would also like to say thanks to the visitor who had previously received Indian Head Massage at the Community Fun Day. It seems as if there is a group of people (myself included!) who go to all the community events enabling us to catch up with what's happening with one another when we meet!

That said, it was for the first time that I met the lovely Kristyna at the Hillrise Summer Festival. She was very complimentary about the Indian Head Massage she received, which took place in the VERY NOISY surroundings of the Festival. This makes the testimonial that she kindly agreed to write even more special:

"It [Indian Head Massage] created space in my head; clarity, and also a sense of tranquillity."

By Kristyna Kashviili - Photographer and Camera Artist.

11th August 2019


Help on Your Doorstep have organised a Bemerton Fun Day taking place this Saturday on 26th October from 11am to 3pm at the Jean Stokes Community Centre and Hall. The address is: Coatbridge House, Carnoustie Drive, Berneton Estate, N1 0DX.

I shall be providing Indian Head Massage at this event, and will be happy to see you!

25th October 2019


I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came down to the Bermeton Fun Day.

It was also lovely to see Katerose whom I first met at the Cale Festival with her two beautiful children.

I can remember just how noisy that outdoor event was with sound systems blaring and also a drumming band adding to what felt at times was deafening noise.

I told myself I would never take part in an outdoor event again, especially as I was working in an area advertised as the "Calm Zone" which at times was anything BUT calm!

That said, the noise did not take anything away from the Indian Head Massage that Katerose received, for when I asked her about the treatment she received last June her exact words to me were this:

"It was amazing - amazing!"

In addition to this, Katerose has kindly agreed to write a testimonial for me in regard to the treatment she received recently at the Bermeton event:

"I was lucky enough to be offered a Indian Head Massage at the Bermeton event.

"It was the most gentle and relaxing time!

"Afterwards I felt completely different - it was an amazing experience!!!

"I would highly recommend Andrea as a holistic Indian Head Massage Therapist."

By Katerose Carrick - Busy Working Mum.

5th November 2019


"I am a personal trainer who also teaches fitness classes.

"The nature of my job means that injuries are an occupational hazard for us personal trainers.

"I know Andrea because she is a member of the gym where I teach.

"My main problem was constant pain in my arm where there is permanent damage due to a tendon (called the proximal) that snapped during a session of weight lifting.

"The pain also affects my shoulder blade on the same side of the snapped tendon.

"In regard to the Indian Head Massage, I was sceptical that it could help my condition though I was aware of Andrea's work with clients and the excellent results they received.

"They would report back to her that the musculoskeletal pain (including specific arthritic pain) in various parts of their bodies had disappeared after only one treatment!!!

"The head massage I received was extremely relaxing and tranquil. I felt a strong sensation of peace inside my head, which then travelled throughout my body. In fact, I could actually feel the pain leaving my body!!

"I have had an Indian Head Massage before in the past, but it was nothing like what I experienced with a treatment from Andrea. The difference was like night and day, I would say.

"The result is that I cannot put into words what it felt like to walk down the street after treatment (that lasted only half an hour) and to experience the freedom of being in absolutely no pain!!!

"I would definitely recommend Andrea to people who are in high-octane careers where there is a strong likelihood of injuries such as footballers, tennis players and sports people in general, while not forgetting us fitness instructors!!!

"One more thing, Andrea says that she would like to start teaching the skills that she has acquired over the recent years, some of which go beyond the brilliant Indian Head Massage!

"I definitely wish Andrea all the best in this endeavour."

By Michael Wilson - Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

12th February 2020

Andrea Alexander

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