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SJ Therapies

Aberfeldy, Perthshire - View Map

Mobile: +447563862808
Email: sam@sjtherapies.com
Web: www.sjtherapies.com

About Us

With a compassionate and heart-centered approach and a passion for empowering others, Samantha brings a unique blend of qualifications and experiences to her holistic practice. Drawing on her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Plymouth and extensive training in Complementary Therapies, including Holistic Life Coaching certified by the renowned Jay Shetty, Integrative Hypnotherapy with CBT & NLP, and Holistic Massage Therapies, Samantha offers a truly personalised and transformative somatic experience.

MAIN SERVICES: Clinical Reflexology, Advanced Facial Reflexology, Swedish Massage Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Aromatic Hot Stone Massage Therapy, Ear Candling, Integrative Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching.

Inspired by her travels and work in Asia, Samantha's deep passion for Clinical Reflexology and Tui Na Acupressure shines through in her practice. She knows first-hand the power of growth and self-discovery as catalysts for lifelong change. Guided by her diverse skillset, Samantha empowers her clients to break free from the grip of anxiety, overwhelm, and burnout. Yes...her feet were the first body part that she invested in as she attended her own Reflexology treatments to literally 'rub it all out!' It remains one of her favourite treatments to give to others.

Located in the captivating region of Aberfeldy, Perthshire, Samantha resides with her partner and two children. While her roots lie in Dartmoor, Devon, her Scottish heritage and love for the Highlands have led her to call this area her cherished home.

?Through her nurturing approach, Samantha is dedicated to helping her clients discover their inner strength, embrace self-love, and find joy in their lives. She is honoured to be a trusted guide on their transformative path, supporting them every step of the way.

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