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Hannah Wood

DUCHY of CORNWALL, Unit 8A North Street, Somerset, Somerset, TA14 6QR

Mobile: 07833 686 065

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Sports Injury Massage

Accidents happen & can often result in injury. If an injury is left untreated tissue state can change & fascia can become stuck. Biomechanics will be affected.

Incorrect biomechanics left over a long or even short period of time will cause surrounding muscle groups to work differently. Muscles can often become congested & fascia pliability changes. This is often the reason an injury occurs.

As a Sports Injury Massage Therapist, it is important to assess each individuals biomechanics prior to treatment.

Once any imbalances have been detected, a treatment for you will evolve. If poor tissue state is detected I will use techniques stated below to recondition & reprogram muscles so that biomechanics can regain equilibrium.

* Cross Friction Of Muscle Fibres
* Muscle Fibre Re-alignment
* Flat Palpation
* Skin Rolling
* M.E.T (Muscle Energy Techniques)
* Alexander Technique
* Passive Exercise
These are carried out by me to investigate & improve your range of mobility whilst the muscles are not contracted.
* Resistive Exercises
These are carried out together to improve range of movement of joints & muscles, stretching ligaments & tendons. Resistive exercise reconditions & rehabilitates individual or groups of muscles easily & with immediate results.
* K.T (Kinesiology Taping)
* Infra Red

I ask that you work with me and carry out
relevant exercises and stretches to achieve your
maximum flexibility. It is essential that you concentrate on
mechanical correction & balance throughout treatment and in daily living to promote a speedy recovery.

I will advise you on training, and will encourage you as an
individual to return to fitness as and when safe to do so.

It is important to complete the course until your tissue state has been reconditioned.

Sports Injury Massage involves fascia & connective tissue
manipulation. It is usually very uncomfortable & may bruise after your first treatment.

This treatment can help any injury. You do not have to be a sports person to benefit.

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