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Caroline Gaskin MCPH

Ainsworths Pharmacy, 36 New Cavendish Street, Westminister, London, W1G 8UF - View Map

Tel: 07939 078 183
Email: info@carolinegaskin.co.uk
Web: www.carolinegaskin.co.uk

About Us

Caroline is an experienced homeopath with specialist knowledge in allergies, asthma, eczema, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, sleep issues, dealing with stress, developmental problems in children, learning difficulties, poor digestion, weight loss, sports & fitness issues.

She uses the CoRe Inergetix programme which helps identify allergies and sources of toxicity, such as heavy metals, chemicals, synthetic hormones, drug and pesticide residues. Such toxins can be held deep in the system and are disruptive to our health and fertility. Once identified, homeopathic remedies and energy balancing treatment can clear these harmful substances.

Caroline gives nutritional & lifestyle advice and is a distributor for health, weightloss, sport & fitness superfoods and the 10 Day Transformation Cleanse.

'Healing is a process rather than an event and it is wonderful to work with my patients as they undertake this amazing journey towards better health.

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Opening Hours:

Weekdays 8am til 8pm

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