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t/a Honour Being Reiki

Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Email: elizabeth@honourbeingreiki.co.uk
Web: www.honourbeingreiki.co.uk

About Us

Honour Being Reiki is open offering a full range of Golden Way Reiki, Shamanic and Crystal Healing Treatments via Remote Healing to help bring healing, calm and reassurance at this time. Sessions may begin with a short consultation. I then invite you to make yourself comfortable in your own space, perhaps playing some gentle "Reiki" music to yourself, whilst I send the healing energy to you. Sessions last between 30 minutes to one hour. Fees are currently according to means or by donation.

I am an experienced Golden Way Reiki Master, and have been sending the beautiful healing energy of Golden Way Reiki to clients both at home and abroad for many years. Below are testimonials to its power and effectiveness:

"Remote Healing with Elizabeth is amazing. It felt as I was in her Treatment Room. Following her guidance which she sent beforehand, and allowing the time to receive the Reiki was a wonderful powerful and positive experience, and one I will continue to use.
(Teresa H, Oxfordshire, May 2020)

Id been so thankful for the deep healing & shifts in wellbeing Id experienced after in-person Cycles of Golden Way Reiki treatments... that I was delighted when I booked in for Distance Treatments & found them to work just as well as the in-person Cycles Id had Ive now received several Cycles of Distance Reiki treatments, over a period of a few years, and found each of them to work very effectively. Speaking to Elizabeth beforehand feels wonderfully calming & safe ... and experiencing both the subtle & obvious personal benefits from Golden Way Reiki treatments is something you have to experience for yourself. (Rachel C, Golden Way Reiki Practitioner - Canada, May 2020)


I am dedicated to assisting and empowering others to grow, develop, explore, expand and value their unique individuality, I offer an integrated and flexible approach. Attunement and training is usually available. Consultations and treatment take place in an unrushed and tranquil healing space.

I do not "do Reiki", but offer a pathway of transformational healing, personal and spiritual evolution, and advancement known as The Shamanic Golden Reiki Way.

Honour Being Reiki provides:

- Distant Reiki Healing
- Reiki Attunement and Training
- Shamanic Golden Way Reiki Treatments
- Crystal Reiki Healing
- Elemental Healing
- Soul Retrieval

Golden Way Reiki Masters are highly attuned and vigorously trained. The treatments and attunement which they offer are subtle, effective and lasting. For details please see the Honour WellBeing website.

Clients are drawn to work with me for a variety or reasons:

- To feel better physically
- To heal emotional wounds
- To re-find their direction in life and have more energy
- To understand their life's purpose
- To embark on an inner voyage of discovery

There is no "typical" client, although I do work often with families and those suffering from high anxiety or trauma, especially when this dates back to unhappiness in childhood. I also love to assist other healers - it is all too easy to become "burned out".

Clients respond most positively when they realise that the way forward to real and transformative change involves an ability to take self-responsibility.

As a means of achieving deeper healing, for self-development, or as a route to professional qualification, Attunement and training is also offered.

Usually available:

- Honour Foundation First Degree - Places Personal Healing in your hands. Especial focus on the feminine, nurturing, receptive aspect of your life, encouraging stability and joy and enabling you to practice Shamanic Golden Reiki for yourself.

- Honour Healing Journey Second Degree - Pathway To A Brighter Future. Leads to Professional Practice Certification and focuses on personal healing for the masculine, protective boundaries of your being, encouraging trust and self-expression, enabling you to take proper action to create that which will bring you happiness and fulfilment.

Registered Professionals

Registered Professionals are fully trained and are bound by a strict Code of Practice. You can be confident of a high quality, professional treatment. Click on the therapist's name to see the treatments for which they are qualified and insured.

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Opening Hours:

Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10.00 am to 4.00 pm

Treatments Offered: