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Agija Breeze Therapies

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Tel: 07915 802 806
Mobile: 07915 802 806
Email: elayne@agijabreeze.com
Web: http://www.agijabreeze.com

About Us

Hi, my name is Elayne, owner of Agija Breeze Therapies, Relax, Soothe & Revitalise You! Thank you for looking at my profile. I am a fully qualified and professional therapist and certified since 2001.

I am currently (2022) looking for particpants to attend an Online Yoga (Zoom) session for small groups (4 - 6) - either in the mornings/early afternoon to help me to complete my Yoga course. Thanks in advance. Please get in touch if you would like to know more... E-mail: agijabreezetherapies@yahoo.co.uk


I have always been especially passionate about Complimentary Heath. I attended a Holistic Health Show in London and where I experienced a Seated Acupressure treatment which was Amazing! It led me to completely change my career path, I was office based at the time so I could immediately see how massage could greatly benefit those with back and stress-related conditions.

Why Work with me:-

My approach to pain is Holistic, combined with years of experience to assist those with pain, to ease muscular tension and stress.

Providing Sports Massage Therapy for Muscular Pain, Recovery & Chill! Make Time and Space for Body & Mind & Spa. Our Therapeutic styles include Deep Tissue, Silicone Cupping and Sports Massage Therapy.

Clinic Sports Massage Therapy - Stretch your limitations...

Are you getting the results that you are hoping for? You might be a runner or cyclist who just cannot get to the next level in your training schedule? Plagued by niggles and repetitive strains. Are these holding you back! Preventing you from training and reaching your goals. It might be lower back tension, tight hips, hamstrings... Bridge that gap with a Sports Massage for Preventative & Recovery. We advise for the best results 3 - 6 treatments, thereafter regular maintenance.

Body: Tensed Muscles, Discomfort & Chronic Pain

Mind: Stress & Anxiety

Spa: Recuperate & Performance

Make Time and Space for You! Try one of our Mind, Body & Spa treatments.

Please visit my website Agija Breeze and do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail or phone if you have any further queries.

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Opening Hours:

Bookings by appointment only:-

Clinic: Brighter Spaces N1 8PT
Contact Elayne
E-mail: agijabreezetherapies@yahoo.co.uk
Mob: 07915 082 806

Clinic: Embody Wellness Centre Vauxhal SW8 2LE
To book with Elayne contact reception Tel: 020 7099 0048
web: https://embodywellness.co.uk/massage-london/
Monday and Thursday 4pm to 8pm

Mobile for Workplace or Events
Contact Elayne
E-mail: agijabreezetherapies@yahoo.co.uk
Mob: 07915 082 806

Treatments Offered: