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About Us

AMF Holistic: Annmarie Furneau
I am have been a Holistic therapist for 20 years and am accredited and insured by the Complementary Therapists association. My treatments offered are below:
- Sports Therapy massage & Deep Tissue
- Holistic Massage
- Hot Stones Massage
- Aromatherapy Massage
- Reiki
- Reflexology
- Indian Head Massage.
- Seated clothed massage ( Office / Corporate office perfect )

Treatments are available from a various locations in Borough of Dartford and close proximity
Longfield, /Rainham and Maidstone each once a month at the Holistic Fayre - Weekend
Healthy Living Centre in Dartford 3 times a month doing treatments on Tuesday Mornings
Mobile Treatments are available with additional charge (pending discussion)
All of these treatments can be combined, single, group booking, office / event booking.

My Why
Holistic Health is defined as simultaneously treating the core pillars that make up a person to achieve optimum health: Physical, Emotional, Social & Spiritual.
I started working as a Gym manager & PT and saw how people would come in and try to improve their health but other areas of their lives could impact this - ( eg if everyone could eat the same thing every day and they would metabolise it differently and would continue to have differing results). This role in the fitness industry sparked my passion to learn more in Holistic Wellbeing therapies... which hasn't stopped
I have always believed that a person is made up of a Mind, Body and Soul, therefore the person needs to be treated as a whole to reach homeostasis (Wellness).When i'm with a person it is not just a treatment, i'm aware of that persons needs and feelings in that time and will adapt a treatment / change therapy if the situation requires it. All of these therapies can flag up 'problem' areas not isolated to the treatment.
What keeps me passionate about all of these therapies and their healing potentials is that they can be combined (or isolated) enabling treatment plans to be individualised therefore getting the best results for a each person and bringing their body closer to Homeostasis (Wellness).

Perfect for Anxiety / Depression / Mindfulness / Mental Wellness as complementary Therapies
Mind.org.uk lists all of these treatments on their approved recommended complementary therapies for Depression / Anxiety / Mindfulness /Feeling Alone. (See the link to Mind Charity's page for full details on each therapy).
( These are complementary and not alternative so a consultation will take place to discuss any possible medical conditions which may require talking to a Dr or healthcare professional in advance )
"Health is a state of body; Wellness is a state of being"

How are complementary therapies regulated
There are Professional associations for particular types of therapies.
These are membership organisations which provide a range of benefits and services for practitioners, and act in the interests of the profession. Most have their own codes of practice and registers of practitioners.
It's always a good idea to choose a therapist who is registered with a regulatory body or professional association. This means they have met the standards of practice and education required by that organisation." Quoted from Mind Charity's Website.

Registered Professionals

Registered Professionals are fully trained and are bound by a strict Code of Practice. You can be confident of a high quality, professional treatment. Click on the therapist's name to see the treatments for which they are qualified and insured.

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