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Katherine Hill

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Therapeutic & Sports Massage – measurable benefits
Today many people yearn for an approach to healthcare that is based, not on drugs and technology, but on the precious healing value of physical touch that is safe and natural.
Therapeutic and Sports Massage involves manipulation of soft tissue structures using various techniques to promote health and well-ness and also has an enormous impact on other systems of the body.
Massage can have a very powerful sedative affect on the nerves, soothing away pain, tiredness and the stresses and strains of everyday life. It is also a desirable aid to sleeplessness.
Muscular aches and pains, injury and fatigue can all be successfully treated with the healing art of massage. Muscles are toned which stimulates their reflexes and redistributes their tension, enabling them to contract efficiently and in coordination.
Disorders of the skeletal system, such as arthritis, benefit enormously. Mobility is visibly increased, stiffness of the joints is alleviated and pain can be reduced considerably.
Massage is excellent for improving the function of the heart and circulation. After a series of treatments poor circulation improves sometimes dramatically and blood pressure falls.
Accumulated waste substances are rapidly eliminated by the action of massage. Swellings, which may accumulate around an injury, can also be dispersed. This massage will detoxify your body and make you feel refreshed.
Massage encourages the elimination of waste matter from the colon. Constipation is relieved and digestion improved.

For all types of people, of any age group, nature has arranged that once the measurable benefits and pleasures of massage have been experienced, they become inviting, magnetic and irresistible.

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