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Anna Moulsdale

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Tel: anna moulsdale
Mobile: 07917 400182
Web: http://www.annamoulsdale.com

About Us

Internal Family Therapy (IFS) supports you to find healing and transformation from within. IFS is based on the premise that our inner landscape consists of thoughts, emotions, reactions which arise from various sub personalities (parts) inside us. These sub-personalities can be viewed as an internal family that needs our loving attention.
IFS supports you to:
Listen to yourself with understanding and compassion instead of judging or condemning yourself
Understand and help to relax your anxieties and fears
Identify areas of stress in yourself and your life and find resolution, healing
Understand and release self-limiting beliefs
Build self-trust and confidence in yourself
Heal the wounded/protective parts of you that hold you back in life
Gain clarity around difficult emotions, troubling thoughts, issues in your life

TIBETAN PULSING HEALING in person in Glastonbury
Tibetan pulsing healing is a deeply relaxing bodywork treatment which transforms emotional stress and releases energy blocks and physical tension held in the body.
Tibetan Pulsing balances the emotions, calms the nervous system and rejuvenates the body. It goes straight to the root of problems such as stress, depression, emotional anxiety, fear, doubt and unworthiness. The results can be profound and far reaching.
A session starts with an eye diagnosis which determines which energy centre is in need of attention.

Anxiety, emotional stress
Fear, trauma, anger
Self-limiting beliefs, self-doubt
Issues of trust, heartbreak
Depression, exhaustion
Guilt, feeling stuck, overwhelm
Shame, worthlessness, abandonment issues

Homeopathic consultations offered online and in Glastonbury

About Anna:
My practice is in the heart of Glastonbury and I am also available for IFS therapy and homeopathy online.
Please visit my website for further details

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Flexible times during the week. Available some weekends.

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