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'Polly' Mary Charlotte Essex

Surrey, Surrey

Mobile: 07801 565 234
Web: www.pollyessex.com

About Us

I offer high quality treatments that work well on their own, and also when I have used particular treatment combinations together.

I have helped many clients to de-stress, improve their health, transform chronic conditions, develop their self awareness, self belief, and positive direction in their lives.

Rebirthing is excellent for healing at a cellular level, shifting old emotional patterns and health issues, and having profound realisations, and connecting you more profoundly to your high self. I am trained in art psychotherapy, and use my psychotherapeutic skills to explore issues you wish to resolve. I also work with affirmations to help change deep rooted beliefs that have limited you in achieving good health and happiness.
To help shift blocked energy, I have also used massage or reflexology if appropriate and desired by the client.

I can use Reiki in all my treatments, and on its own, to help heal at a deep level and encourage inner peace.

During a massage treatment I will assess the pressure needed to work deeply into the tissue and relieve aches and pains, and increase positive energy flow, and detox within the body. Many people report to me that after a massage they feel amazing, rebalanced, positive, peaceful, and very relieved of tension, aches or pains.

Reflexology is especially good for an all over 'internal workout'. It is particularly effective in balancing your endocrine system (hormones), and focusing on reproductive and digestive disorders, insomnia, and stress. It is an incredibly relaxing treatment, and many people fall asleep during a treatment!

Please see my website for further information.

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