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Anne Galvin

53 Bracken Bank, Berkshire, Berkshire, SL5 8HW

Tel: 01344 883 398
Mobile: 07877 368 416
Web: www.remindmassage.co.uk

About Us

In our modern society, we are on the go all the time, whether running a family home or running a business. Many people are taking up yoga, tai chi and similar to achieve relaxation, many of us cannot find the time to devote to relaxation. Receiving any form of touch therapy allows the mind to reach the ‘delta’ level—at this level of relaxation the body is able to function at its optimum and its natural healing abilities are brought into effect.
We use our natural healing abilities when a loved one is hurt, soothing words and touch do seem to ‘make it better’. The power of touch has fallen out of favour in a modern world of external material display. Clever though our brains are, they very easily become fooled by tense bodies and poor posture develops—
touch therapies gently send reminders to the brain to correct the messages it sends to the body.

Massage is the most effective therapy for releasing tension and restoring balance to the musculo-skeletal sytem.
Life takes it’s toll on our bodies, simply because our brains have remarkable adaptation abilities which allow us to adopt unnatural positions at the PC, driving and in sedentary work, or over-use due to sports.
Poor posture creates tension in inherent weaker areas, particularly neck and shoulders and the lower back. Unaddressed, tension increases, muscles become congested with unreleased waste-products and nerves are affected, resulting in RSI’s, headaches and general discomfort.

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