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Emma Field

Surrey, Surrey

Tel: 01932852660
Mobile: 07765353354
Web: www.emmafieldtherapies.co.uk

About Us

Good health comes from making changes!
Treating with Homeopathy and Physical Therapy - I advise on diet and lifestyle food intolerance testing), suggest exercises, stretches, postural changes, meditations and methods of relaxation in order for the therapy you are receiving to be incorporated into your everyday life. In this way I seldom find that clients are coming back to me just to be patched up at regular intervals. It becomes a way of life and therefore is an ongoing preventative measure! I started treating people 10 years ago and my practices have grown rapidly in that time, both in London and now at my clinic in Surrey. The cases that come to me now continue to be many and varied. I have worked together with my clients gaining successful results in cases such as RSI, sciatic pain, low back pain, shoulder injury, degenerative disc disease, sinus and headache problems, recovery from knee injury and many more. Homeopathically I treat most conditions including depression, digestive issues, autism, pregnancy and labour conditions, rhinitis, eczema, asthma, dermatitis you name it! I gain referrals from top Harley Street Professionals, Pain Management teams, GP’s Offices and work with an extensive network of professionals across many disciplines. It is an individual treatment based on your needs, be they physical or emotional the treatment will be tailored to you. We work together to help your body heal itself. This can mean anything from an hour and half to a 30 minute session dependent on what is required.
Range of treatments covered are:
O Homeopathy
O Food intolerance testing
O Sports massage
O Work Station Assessments
O Postural Training
O CranioSacral Therapy
O Reiki

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Opening Hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - London
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - Surrey

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