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These are the treatments I specialise in :


A stronger deep tissue therapeutic
massage to release knots in tense over used muscles, break down scar tissue from previous injuries, aid healing muscle strains or ligament sprains, increase range of movement and correct bad posture. A good preventative treatment for active sports people particularly runners.

A more relaxing and gentler full body treatment focussing on relaxation and mental and physical rebalancing. Full body including face and feet.


1 hr Full treatment working individual reflex points on the feet working the energy channels which relate to organs and systems in the body.
A very relaxing treatment which allows toxins to be released, boosting the immune system and a balancing treatment. This treatment can be combined with Holistc massage 30 mins on each.
Can help with infertility problems and beneficial during pregnancy and near delivery time .

Vodder Method

This is not a massage but a gentler rhythmic treatment which boosts immune system and stimulates lymph movement in areas that have become congested or swollen after surgery or infection.

It is particularly effective, with regular treatment combined with pressure garments, to treat Lymphodema. It assists lymph flow in areas that have become congested after surgery eg Masectomy, radiotherapy or lymph vessel removal.

Strongly recommended by surgeons after Vaserlipo fat removal procedures to decrease swelling and help healing process.

It can also treat skin disorders, headache, sinus congestion, stress.

I work privately in Parsons Green but will travel if there is a mobility problem.

Registered Professionals

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Opening Hours:

By appointment only Weekdays 10-7pm

Sports Massage/Deep Tissue
Holistic Massage
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Pregnancy Massage

Im available by appointment only -

Treatments Offered: