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Madeley Park Farm, Long Close, Rectory Road, Hollington, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, ST10 4HJ

Mobile: 07866 695 176
Email: susan@metawellbeing.com
Web: http://www.metawellbeing.com
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About Us

Are you living life full on, flat out in the fast lane? Feeling stressed with constant pressure from daily demands?

Well this used to be me and I was fortunate to have a wake-up call, which I believe literally saved my life!

So now with a lifetime of personal experience in stress management and over 20 years of training in a variety of Complementary Therapies, META-Health, Coaching and Mentoring; my passion is empowering others to recognise the early warning signs and take conscious action to avoid burnout, creating a more balanced, enriching and healthy way of living.

Coaching and mentoring is a life changer (individuals and small groups) it really does facilitate positive and lasting change helping someone to express what they truly want and realise the gap between their desired vision and where they are currently struggling.

Specifically in 'health coaching' the first part of the process is to identify what the key issues are which have led to a challenging health condition, then using an appropriate intervention to deal with unconscious triggers that have been responsible for the ongoing symptoms, this enables resolution at a deep level of inner-standing and naturally supports a return to being happy and healthy; enjoying a holistic balance in all areas of life.

The first step to freedom of vitality in health is awareness... the second step is honesty... the third step is to make 1 small change starting NOW! What can you do today that can put you onto your recovery path...?

Curious to learn more and how you can transform yourself from a state of anxiety and overwhelm to feeling more calm and clear!?
I offer 30 minutes complimentary appointments to explore how I can specifically help you...

Chrysalis Effect Recovery Health Specialist
Trauma Informed Wellbeing Coach & Mentor
Lifestyle Medicine & Root Cause Analysis Health Coach
Body-Mind-Bliss Retreats; Relax, Recharge, Revitalise

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