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Silver Ray Healing Therapies

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Tel: 07563687108
Mobile: 07563687108
Web: www.silver-ray.co.uk
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About Us

I am a Reiki Master-Teacher, Catalyst Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, & Holistic Therapist. I specialise in energy work, coaching & positive psychology for the treatment of anxiety, depression & other difficulties:
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Relationship issues
• Stress
• Anger
• Exhaustion
• Spiritual crisis
• Psychological abuse
• Energetic self-defence

I became a Reiki healer in 2008 & a professional therapist in 2012. I practise a range of therapies for individual wellbeing as well as teaching Reiki, Meditation & Mindfulness.

I have always been interested in health & fitness, but initially focused on nutrition & exercise rather than the spiritual side of well-being.

The shift to holistic work came from personal experience of the impact that mental & emotional stress has on the physical body. In an effort to recover from my own stress-related illness, I looked beyond physical remedies to understand the psychological, spiritual & energetic causes.

I specialise in energy healing using Reiki, Sekhem, Psychic Surgery & Theta Healing™.
I teach Reiki, from beginners to those who wish to become teachers in their own right.
I also run Meditation & Mindfulness Classes.
As a Life Coach I can provide extra support to clients who are going through major life changes or seeking new directions.
I have a special interest in men’s mental health, post-traumatic growth & spiritual crisis.

Stress management is crucial for physical & mental wellbeing, so I incorporate positive psychology & mindfulness into my Reiki & Meditation Classes & Coaching. I teach clients how to manage & protect their energy & state of mind: how to avoid being overwhelmed by life’s demands, negative beliefs & other people’s emotions.

I facilitate personal & spiritual development. When the client is ready & blockages are cleared, they start to see & experience the world in a more positive way.

Spiritual guidance is also available & can be combined with healing sessions.

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