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Faceworks UK Ltd

Bucks, Bucks

Web: www.faceworks.co.uk

About Us

Faceworks Natural Facelift lifts and tones the face naturally, without cosmetic or surgical procedures.
Professionsal facial toning exercises use specific movements to tighten and tone muscles and skin for effective results. The exercises in Faceworks protect the skin from wrinkles and damage, and give reliable and proven results for long term anti-ageing benefits.
Faceworks is designed and developed by Elaine Bartlett: qualified Beautician, Kinesiologist and Reiki Master with over 15 years' experience in natural therapy.

We offer private and group Faceworks sessions.

Please e-mail us for more information, or contact us via the website: www.faceworks.co.uk

Registered Professionals

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Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm.

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