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Deep Tissue Holistic Massage-Hereford-

The Hereford Chiropractic Clinic, 24 East Street, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR1 2LU - View Map

Tel: 07809 860 833
Mobile: 07809 860 833
Web: www.deeptissueholisticmassage.com
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About Us

Given the opportunity to retrain in 2003, I discovered my vocation in life and am now an extremely skilled remedial therapist, highly thought of by clients and professional colleagues alike, with a reputation for great bodywork, exceptional client care and professionalism. I also have a natural ability to create an atmosphere where clients feel safe and comfortable and are therefore able to completely relax and unwind, thus helping to let go of stress and tension.
I obtain great satisfaction from seeing the relief and pleasure shown by clients who have experienced the release that my work can bring.

Old Injuries and Muscle Stiffness

The use of deep tissue massage may not only reduce stiffness and pain often experienced at old injury sites but could alleviate the discomfort completely, removing pain and improving flexibility. It is worth noting that the therapeutic effect of massage in the early days could promote healing and prevent such long-term ill affects from occurring.

Muscle stiffness is very common as bodies age. The use of regular massage will help to alleviate the discomfort by decreasing stiffness, relieving tension and improving flexibility; I gain much satisfaction from seeing the relief and pleasure shown by clients who have experienced the release that my work can bring.

Back Pain

Most back pain usually stems from problems in soft tissue (muscles, tendons and ligaments) not the bones. Remedial massage is particularly effective in alleviating this type of pain.

Using deep tissue massage blood flow to muscles etc is increased, this promotes flexibility and reduces strain on muscle groups that support the back. Muscles under constant strain become taught - during massage these can be pinpointed and released, making them better able to cope with the stress that day to day use places on them. Treated muscles tire less easily and become more flexible; overall a body will benefit greatly from my attention.

Registered Professionals

Registered Professionals are fully trained and are bound by a strict Code of Practice. You can be confident of a high quality, professional treatment. Click on the therapist's name to see the treatments for which they are qualified and insured.

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