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Claudia Belem

Crouch End, London - View Map

Mobile: 07928723791
Web: http://www.claudiabelem.com

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Abdominal & Sacral Massage

(Female womb massage also available)

Abdominal sacral treatments innervate and nourish all tissue within the abdomen, pelvis and sacrum. It improves organ function by releasing physical and emotional congestion from the abdomen and rejuvenates reproductive, digestive and emotional health. From feeling physically and mentally low prior to a session you can leave the room completely relaxed, energized and light-hearted after this massage. To maximise benefits from this treatment it is recommended you have at least 3 treatments with some days or a week in between.

Post Natal Massage

Using some of the techniques from the Abdominal and Sacral massage this is a gentle but deeply nourishing treatment that helps the body recover from labour by working on the blood and lymphatic circulation, which promotes healing and brings the body back into homeostasis. This massage reduces the feeling of heaviness and exhaustion which often occurs as the body adjusts to hormone changes and it also aids the recovery of muscle tone in the abdomen and pelvis and reduces soreness in any tender areas.

Deep Tissues Massage blended with Himalayan singing bowls

This is a treatment like nothing you have experienced before…Stress-relieving… ‘like waves of your knotted-up-ness releasing as the vibrations of the singing bowls permeate throughout the body’... If you are looking for a deep meditative experience to calm your nervous system whilst also easing muscular pain, knots, and stiffness then this is a fantastic choice! You will be feeling utterly relaxed and enjoy a stronger connection with your physical and inner self.

Himalayan singing bowls & Gong Sound Baths

Stress is at the root of most physical and emotional dis-eases and illness. It depletes the energy from our cells and creates stagnation and blockages in the body that can be debilitating. Sound baths are transformative experiences where the sound frequencies nurture your vital cellular processes, restore a healthy flow of life force energy in your body and bring back harmony to your vibrational system. The frequency of the sound synchronises with your brain waves and activates the parasympathetic nervous system taking you into a deep meditative state of relaxation which speeds up the process of healing and peace within.

Registered Professionals

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