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Mind Body Movement

Louhgborough, Leicestershire - View Map

Tel: 07949 895170
Mobile: 07949 895170
Web: www.mind-body-movement.co.uk

About Us

I help you to:
?Ease pain
?Move better
?Learn to relax
?Feel well
?Get back to activities you love

In a nutshell:
More efficient, functional movement. Greater bodily comfort. Neuromuscular education. Pain relief. Stress/Anxiety/Trauma resilience. Better Breathing. Mobility. Flexibility. Rehabilitation. Relaxation. Mindfulness skills. Embodiment.

My specialist are is 1:1 Clinical Somatic Education, in the tradition of Thomas Hanna, Feldenkrais and the somatic pioneers before them. Clinical Somatic Education is neuromuscular movement re-education. I work with individuals to help identify maladaptive movement patterns and habits that may be getting in the way of efficient movement and functioning. Clients improve their proprioceptive awareness and 'felt sense' of themselves as well as patterns of breath, movement and coordination. They learn exercise to reduce their own bodily tension and maintain/improve mobility for the long term. I am particularly concerned that clients learn self-efficacy, so that after a few sessions they feel confident to regulate themselves.
Clinical Somatic Education is useful for conditions where muscular pain and tension are involved, for example sciatica, back/neck/shoulder/hip pain etc, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, arthritis. As muscular relaxation, fuller breathing and an improved 'felt sense' of the body are benefits of this method, Clinical Somatic Education is a useful complement for stress management, anxiety issues and trauma therapy. It is also useful for increasing movement skill and athletic performance.
I am qualified for GP exercise referral at Register of Exercise Professionals Level 4 specializing in low back pain, and am a yoga and Pilates professional. I have a daily mindfulness and movement practice and have undertaken teacher training in Mindfulness.
I myself have a history of chronic pain and central sensitization, which I manage to the point of being able to say that I no longer have a pain problem. I understand the issues around pain, not just through personal experience but also through education courses with Noi Group and professional pain conferences.
My business centres around three crucial Es: Empathy. Education. Empowerment.

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Opening Hours:

9am - 5pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

5pm - 9pm Wednesdays

9am - 1pm Saturdays

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