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t/a Aiden Higgs - The Relaxation Coach

1 Aldringham Lane, Suffolk, Suffolk, IP16 4WB

Tel: 01728 561325
Mobile: 07850384187
Web: www.therelaxationcoach.co.uk

About Us

Originally my career path started in electronics which teaches one to view things scientifically; however, having always leaned toward an holistic approach to health, I accepted an offer to attend a course on Reflexology and Meridian Therapy. As I embarked on this amazing journey of discovering how effective natural therapies are, I became totally immersed and have for over twenty years been involved in learning, practising and teaching natural therapies.
I have found the combination of various therapies to be a powerful healing tool.
Realising that the mind is probably the most effective healer, I pursued my childhood interest in Hypnosis and became certified as an Hypnotherapist. Here I found an incredibly successful means of helping people to be the masters of their own healing.
Part of Hypnotherapy training concentrates on stress and its effect on the human body. It was during this time that I had the good fortune to meet Doctor Justin Kennedy who introduced me to the StressEraser.® Justin was part of the development team of this device in New York and I studied and worked with him extensively, gaining my certification in Stress Management utilising the StressEraser®.
It is sleek medical technology that fits in your pocket, using a harmless finger sensor to convert your pulse into an HRV(Heart Rate Variation) wave. This wave guides you to synchronize your breathing with your heart rate cycle.
The Stress Free Solution Training Programme teaches you how to use this award-winning, FDA-regulated, portable biofeedback device to activate your body's natural relaxation response in minutes - without the use of medication!

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