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Agatka Angel Warsza

Russell Sq, Ealing & Hampstead Clinics + London Home Visits, 71 Marchmont Street, Bloomsbury, London, London, WC1N 1RE - View Map

Mobile: 07904630780
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About Us

I am a registered practitioner of the Bowen Technique and Massage Therapy and hold a BSc (Hons) degree in Mathematics and Psychology.

I have a firm belief in the body’s natural restorative and healing mechanisms and work with clients to help trigger these processes.
Through my study of Maths and Psychology I have developed an analytical mind and insight into the human psyche, this combined with sound knowledge of anatomy and physiology and intuition and sensitivity in my hands allows me to choose and apply the techniques most appropriate to the needs of each individual.

I have specialised in techniques to balance the TMJ (jaw joint); the structure and functioning of this joint has a major impact on whole body function; posture, movement, hormonal balance, blood pressure, breathing/sleep apnoea and is an important factor in movement disorders such as Parkinson’s, Tourette’s.

My clients range from those with musculoskeletal complaints (back pain, frozen shoulder, RSI, sciatica) to those with conditions related to emotional stress (headaches/migraines, insomnia, high blood pressure, digestive problems / IBS, depression, frequent colds/infections, allergies, asthma, hay fever, skin conditions) as well as those seeking support managing conditions such as post-stroke, Parkinson’s, cancer, autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, fibromyalgia.
I also work with expectant mothers to alleviate symptoms associated with pregnancy, and with babies and children.

Clients report improvements not only in presenting symptoms but also experience a mental shift - feeling calmer, happier, clear minded, motivated, energised.

Having previously worked in the finance industry I understand how pressures associated with demanding jobs impact on health. I work with individuals to help release these stresses and offer specific aftercare advice to enable people to get the optimum benefit from their treatments as well as take a proactive approach to improving their own well-being.

I am a great advocate of movement; I have practised various dance forms since childhood and participated in competitive and professional cheerleading. With this experience I am also well aware of the strains both professional and leisurely sport/exercise may place on the body. As well as treating clients with injuries I also work with people to prevent injury, improve performance and reduce post training recovery time.

In addition to my private practice I have worked at The Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden, as well as at the Royal Free Hospital providing massage to patients on the wards, and at alternative provision schools treating young people presenting with complex emotional, social, developmental, behavioural and mental health needs.
I have found this work extremely rewarding and it really illuminates the healing power of touch.
I am regularly involved in charity events and also lead self-massage workshops in the community.

My driving purpose is not just to give you a great treatment but to help you to ‘find health’.

"The body heals itself; the physician is only nature's assistant." Hippocrates