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Jaguar Reeves | Spiritual Guidance & Healing

Woodland View, South Chailey, Lewes, East Sussex, BN8 4FS - View Map

Tel: 07958561467
Email: jag.reeves@gmail.com
Web: https://www.jag-reeves.com/

About Us

My work is that of a guide - one who takes the hand of clients and guides them through the often painful process of change, transformation and letting go of the past… and who they believed themselves to be.

I specialise in supporting people through personal crisis and change in which they find their very identity unravelling. We work together to illuminate and release each presenting belief, fear and associated emotion of the old identity, so they may be free of the story and thereby born again into a new expression of themselves. A vital part of this work is also guiding clients to finding inner direction in life – that is connection to their intuition, the voice of their spirit and particularly to their feelings.

Helping clients to navigate interpersonal relationships and become free from unconscious parental, family dynamics and their play outs through adulthood is part of this maturation process. Family and relationship exploration has a strong emphasis for me as it is central to becoming free to be one’s own person, apart from the outer or inner mother and father.

As part of my work with clients I incorporate and am guided by their numerology birth chart which aids my understanding of their life path and the essential brilliance they embody individually.

Essentially, I help people to meet and embrace that which they have struggled with and resisted, often for many years, so they may flow with life peacefully in whatever they do.

For in person sessions I often suggest integrating some bodywork to re-align physically, to embody and to support the energy healing. This is an amalgamation of my years of study into an offering of psycho-therapeutic healing bodywork which guides clients gently into meeting with the suppressed feelings and beliefs structured into their body - helping them to see and understand how they live in their body - and thereby releasing the aliveness and life-force of their physicality.

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