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Joseph Lillis

Co Westmeath, Co Westmeath, Ireland

Mobile: 0353 876 235 821
Web: www.josephlillis.net

About Us

Amatsu originated in Japan and is based on a traditional healing art which uses hands on techniques which
Re- aligns and re-patterns any imbalance found in the body. It brings the body back into balance by using Gentle adjustments.

The treatment combines therapeutic attributes such as Kinesiology, which can give the practitioner an
Effective indication of a weakness in the body.Craniosacral Therapy, Cranial Osteopathy, Acupressure,
Neuromuscular Re-patterning, Remedial Massage and Postural Techniques are combined to relieve any
Discomfort the client may be feeling.
This gentle non-invasive treatment is suitable for any age from the very young to the elderly.

Amatsu is a non-invasive natural therapy, which
Uses such skills:

• Massage
• Physiotherapy
• Visceral and Ligament Balancing
• Cranial Therapy

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