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t/a Bowen Energyworks

Sussex, Sussex

Tel: 01424 425 664
Mobile: 07813 946532
Web: www.bowentherapysussex.com

About Us

Do you suffer muscular pain? Bowen is a non-invasive remedial therapy that consists of gentle moves over soft tissue and muscles, interspersed with periods of rest. It enables the the body to correct problems and restore its structural integrity without the use of massage, manipulation or force. It effectively treats a range of acute or chronic conditions including:
Back pain
Frozen shoulder
Neck disorders
Sports injuries
Chronic Fatigue/ME
Stress related conditions
Hormonal imbalance
Treatments can be performed through light clothing and are suitable for all ages from babies to the frail elderly. Effects are suprisingly strong given the gentle nature or the work itself, sometimes only 2 or 3 sessions bring lasting relief to long standing conditions.

Registered Professionals

Registered Professionals are fully trained and are bound by a strict Code of Practice. You can be confident of a high quality, professional treatment. Click on the therapist's name to see the treatments for which they are qualified and insured.

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