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Temple of the Stars by Nat

Hebburn, Newcastle upon Tyne - View Map

Mobile: 07552427994
Email: templeofthestarsbynat@outlook.com
Web: http://templeofthestarsbynat.co.uk

About Us

Creating a Safe and Comfortable Space for Self-exploration during treatment.
My treatments aim to address the underlying causes of your pain, fatigue, and anxiety. Allow me to provide a secure and supportive environment for you to peel back the layers to feel centered, relaxed, and reconnected with your inner voice. A holistic approach involves considering the whole system or person rather than just individual parts or issues. It involves examining all aspects of a situation and understanding how they are interconnected. The goal is to treat the person as a whole rather than just their symptoms. By taking a holistic approach, one can identify underlying causes and address them at the root, leading to more effective and sustainable solutions. Offering alternative modalities such as reiki, hot stones, pregnancy, sports massage, and my favourite Hawaiian LomiLomi. Please visit the website to fins out more.

Registered Professionals

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