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Mina Aidoo Trauma Resolution and Somatic Healing

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Email: mina@wildbodywisdom.co.uk
Web: https://minaaidoo.co.uk/

About Us

Perhaps you've tried counselling, therapy, journaling, affirmations, yoga and / or breathwork, but you�re not seeing the permanent and lasting results that you would like?

Perhaps you feel like you have tried all of the therapies & modalities you can get your hands on! And you're still not seeing the results you'd like.

Perhaps you�ve had adverse experiences in your life, whether that be in childhood, adolescence or adulthood that continue to impact the way you show up in the world?

Perhaps you�ve had some success with your healing, but you sense that there is still residue from these adverse experiences that shows up in your life?

During our time together, we work with your body in present time to release what needs to be released, so that your nervous system can start to function healthily and normally again.

The results of which will show up in new and more empowered behavioural patterns.

Some of the areas in work in touch on but are not limited to,
*Generational patterning and ancestral trauma
*People pleasing
*Coming out of freeze states ( which can show up as low level depression/lethargy and a feeling like you�re not in your complete physical power)
*Repeating behavioural patterns that you can�t seem to get out of
*Fear of being who you truly are, and fear of being seen, accepted and LOVED for who you are
*Knowing you are powerful but being scared to be in that power
*Fear of your own body and sensations
*Unhealthy relationship with food.
*Fear of other people / men / sex
*Fear of your own sexuality

And more�

Trauma resolution and Somatic healing works at a nervous system level so that the root cause of the issue is less and less pronounced over time, and you have space to make new and better choices for yourself.

If you're intrigued about what my work can do for you drop me an email using the address above and we can set up a complimentary exploratory call.

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