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and/or Praxis M Cobbold Ltd

Woodbridge, Suffolk

Tel: 01394 462340
Mobile: 07762 709675
Web: www.marioncobbold.co.uk

About Us

Specialised in Injury Prevention / Rehabilitation and Posture correction incorporating Sports Massage / Deep Tissue Massage, Dorn-Spinal Realignment, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, Hot Stone Therapy, Aromatherapy to treat and combat injuries and ocupational health issues and offers Nordic Walking Classes for a full body workout.


Sports massage is designed to assist in correcting problems and imbalances caused by repetitive and strenuous physical activity and trauma.

It is a scientific understanding of how the body functions and dysfunctions, creating a very versatile method of treatment with wide-ranging benefits.

If you're involved in any type of exercise:
Regular sports massage treatments will improve your performance, speed up your recovery between training sessions, increase your flexibility and hence reduce risk of injury...

...and for everyday-life:
Are you working at a computer all day and do you suffer from headaches, tense shoulders or other RSI’s? Sports massage treatment can help. By reducing the tension and improving posture you will reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury.

Commonly treated conditions:
Sports Injuries - Back pain – Sciatica – Neck pain – Frozen shoulder – Tennis elbow – Muscle spasm & cramps – RSI - Achilles tendonitis - Knee problems - Hamstring and calf strains - Groin strain – Foot & leg injuries - Whiplash - Postural problems - Work related aches and pains and driving strains


Feeling lethargic, tired and under the weather? Suffering from chronic pain? Sluggish lymphatics, swellings, dark cirles or puffy eyes? Lymphoedema - selling of a limb or leg ulcers?

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle, rhythmical form of massage that stimulates the lymphatic system, improving the metabolism, elimination of waste & toxins as well as providing a boost to the immune system.

Specific Lymphoedema treatment - reduces leg and arm circumference and will enhance your general wellbeing.

Marion is fully qualified and insured member of Embody,CThA (Complementary Therapy Association) MLDuk, BLS (British Lymph Society)FitPro and an Affiliated Member of the SMA (Sports Massage Association)

Registered Professionals

Registered Professionals are fully trained and are bound by a strict Code of Practice. You can be confident of a high quality, professional treatment. Click on the therapist's name to see the treatments for which they are qualified and insured.

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