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BodyTalk is a simple and effective holistic therapy that allows your body's energy systems to be re-synchronized so they can operate as nature intended.

BodyTalk combines Western medicine's scientifically supported research in fields such as neuroscience, epigenetics, and psychoneuroimmunology along with a large number of highly recognized ancient and modern healing methods and principles of knowledge, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, yoga and meditation philosophies, Chiropractic, consciousness studies and Energy Psychology.

BodyTalk works for all sorts of issues from psychological to physical as we know that everything is connected and therefore even most physical issues will have a root in something emotional and be traced back to an event or environmental factor, but always working with the belief systems of the person concerned. It isn’t the environment which causes harm after all, but the beliefs we hold about the environmental factor and emotional association with it.

Many people have found that in resolving the beliefs and other factors surrounding this, they may get relief. The system respects the body’s needs in determining priorities and diagnoses are not offered. By using non-invasive techniques, the natural healing response is refocused to establish better communication in the body.

BodyTalk helps to re-establish these energetic circuits and efficient communication in a quick and effective way, which then allows the body to very quickly recover and catch up in the healing process. This is witnessed in how quickly symptoms disappear and function returns, often within just one or two BodyTalk sessions.

A BodyTalk session can last anywhere from 30 mins to an hour. An intake would usually be taken to understand the case history and document changes which would need some more time unless the form is filled in and sent to the practitioner beforehand. As we are working with the innate wisdom of the body, this guides as to how long the session is and a practitioner would receive an indication via biofeedback as to when the session is over, and when the next session would be indicated. BodyTalk sessions are easy, safe and comfortable; they are done with the client fully clothed; there is no need for disrobing. (Unless the client indicates they would like a lymphatic drainage and want this done on the body itself.)

The BodyTalk System protocol chart is used to gain information and this is a flowchart that represents a map of the bodymind complex. Each section of the chart addresses certain aspects of the bodymind, including all physical, mental, emotional and energetic frequencies found in the body. This chart and the procedures to utilize it represent the left-brain side of the BodyTalk process. The experienced Practitioner then uses their right-brain intuitive process to complete the communication formulas which the bodymind complex then transforms into healing stimuli. Your practitioner uses the BodyTalk Protocol Chart to determine the weakened or broken energy circuits in your bodymind complex that are being highlighted by your innate healing wisdom. Once an energy circuit is identified, any additional details that are relevant are determined. Your BodyTalk Practitioner will link these destination points in the sequence indicated, thereby constructing a "formula" that describes the energetic circuit that will be re-established.

This Yes/No communication is also called neuromuscular biofeedback, which is similar to applied kinesiology. By understanding that your body has an inherent knowledge of itself, the BodyTalk Practitioner is able to quickly and easily ask your body what communication circuits have become compromised and in which order these lines of communication need to be re-established for the fastest possible healing process to occur.

Tap to Synchronize and Balance

Tapping on the body to get it to focus on healing has been used by some indigenous holistic systems, such as yoga, for centuries. For BodyTalk specifically, practitioners tap over the head (brain), sternum (heart) and navel (gut) in order to assist the client’s bodymind in making changes, storing those changes, then integrating the changes. For everymalfunctioning energy formula the practitioner and the client may hold the corresponding “points” with hands, in order to improve focus. Breathing deeply, also helps the brain to scan for imbalances. Light tapping on the head stimulates the brain to create, initiating corrections to the broken circuits, similar to a CPU of a computer running and executing programs. Tapping on the sternum, encourages the heart center to "store" the corrected energy circuit and share the state of body's health with every cell of the body. The gut brain is also recognised as important in "digesting” and assimilating the session and is also lightly tapped at the navel. 

It is not a standard one-size-fits all model where clients just keep coming back weekly for symptomatic relief, as the aim to assist and empower the client’s bodymind to identify and resolve or deal with the issue at hand as best indicated by the bodymind.

Number of sessions will vary from person to person but 3-5 sessions for a general guideline as one shouldn’t expect any therapy to resolve issues in one session, yet at the same time if this is ready to be released and resolved it can so its good to be openminded!

The International BodyTalk Association regulates and provides all training materials and teacher training, and a practitioner who is a practising member will receive ongoing support, regular up to date training and materials, access to forums to ask questions internationally, promotional material and online training as well as a separate access to PaRama campus courses online for ongoing training : https://www.paramacampus.com

Many practitioners combine BodyTalk with other modalities and it may even come up during a session that another modality is priority for that person, which may be offered by the practitioner or if not then they may be referred out as it is recognising that different modalities work for different situations as indicated. This up to the individual therapist to provide information and receive consent for these modalities.

A fundamentals certification is a requirement to be a practising member and this is assessed by a trainer/examiner, thereafter advanced certification and PaRama certification is available for more advanced work if one chooses to.

A practitioner will be listed on the IBA (International BodyTalk Association) website (see below).



Podcast by Learn True Health Ashley James below in 2 parts to listen to the founder speak about the BodyTalk System and its evolution:



Example of how the body communicates with us:

BodyTalk has a wide range of applications from sports medicine, to pregnancy and childbirth,  from general wellness to specific brain injuries , PTSD ,addiction and allergies. All disease involves communication lines within the body and stress compromises these lines of communication, which is where BodyTalk comes in.

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