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Link Exchange

  • Use the form below to request a link from a section of the Embody Treatment Guide to your website. The links are displayed on the right hand side under the Google Adverts. See Indian Head Massage as an example.
  • You must provide a reciprocal link from the page on your website to the corresponding page in the Embody Guide to Treatments. For example for Indian Head Massage the HTML would be <a href="http://www.embodyforyou.com/treatment.php?tid=6">Embody Guide to Indian Head Massage</a>
  • Your page must be directly relevant to the requested treatment, and prominent on your website (either the home page, or easily reachable from the home page).
  • Embody reserves the right to withdraw the link at it's sole discretion. We will inform you by email, if you provide an email address. A reason for the withdrawal may or may not be given.
  • Your web page address should be as shown in your browser address bar, starting with 'http://'
  • It cannot be an Embody listing page - these are already fully integrated via the normal EmbodyForYou search function.
  • You may (within reason) request multiple links, provided you provide the corresponding reciprocal link for each request.
  • Your email address will remain confidential. We may very infrequently email you with news about Embody link exchange or similar Embody services.
  • Please email any questions / enquiries to linkexchange@embodyforyou.com