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Daoyin Tao

Daoyin Tao receives a warm welcome from recipients seeking help with a wide variety of needs. Whether your requirement is for help with physical, emotional of spiritual concerns, Daoyin Tao may provide assistance. Daoyin Tao is a powerful synergy of softened and adapted Chinese and stylised Western massage techniques, harmoniously blended to create a widely applicable therapy…

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Daoyin Tao is a truly holistic therapy as it aims to balance the recipient and encourage a whole body-healing environment. Pronounced Dow Yin Tow as in Town, this therapy utilises the essence of Chinese Medical Theory to help establish the cause of illness and then the treatment is designed to work specifically with the individual to gradually move toward health and wholeness.

Daoyin Tao® releases trapped and stagnant energy, thus allowing the body to begin the process of healing itself from within, often at the deepest levels. Many common ailments we ‘live with’ are ideally suited to D. The original skills which underpin Daoyin Tao® are still practiced today in clinics and hospitals throughout China: however, for Daoyin Tao® they have been softened and adapted to suit the Western preference for a more gentle and flowing massage.

Daoyin Tao® is ideal for relaxing, rebalancing, revitalising, rejuvenating, decongesting and general pain and discomfort. It has show itself to be beneficial for reducing stress, balancing body rhythms and hormones, positively influence secondary conditions elsewhere in the body and over all provide lasting benefit and healing on all levels. This is why we say ‘Feeling is Believing!’

Daoyin Tao® Practitioner Training is only available from Daoyin Tao® International as taught by its Originator, Anna-Louise Haigh and her licensed teachers. Full details about Daoyin Tao® can be viewed by visiting www.daoyintao.com or by calling 01423 567766.

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