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Tanning - Sunbed/Electric

Fake tanning cosmetics are more popular than ever before due to this and treatments are offered at many salons.
Sun beds are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. A sun bed consists of a bed that is contoured to ensure even tanning on all sides of the body. The bed normally has an overhead canopy to eliminate the need for the client to turn over thus reducing treatment time.
More widely available now are vertical tanning beds. These ask the client to stand for the treatment whilst the sun bed surrounds the body on all sides (almost like a room). This avoids contact of the skin with the sun bed which tends to cause perspiration. This is generally felt to be more hygienic.
Many sun beds emit Ultra Violet A rays (UVA). These rays expand the pigment (Melanin) already in the skin therefore producing a short-term tan.
However these rays will damage the collagen and elastic of the skin and can contribute towards the formation of skin cancers.
A longer lasting tan will be produced with UVB rays. These rays stimulate the pigment (Melanin) in the skin to increase in production. However these rays will also cause thickening of the skins surface layers and is known to cause sunburn and skin cancers. For these reasons most sun beds only emit UVA rays.
There are a number of sun beds which emit both UVA and a small amount of UVB rays. These tend to produce a faster result requiring a shorter treatment time


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