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Herbal and Flower Essences

Usually used as part of a programme of overall health guidance, flower essences may be recommended by a therapist to help a person recover their overall emotional and spiritual balance, as a compliment to another treatment. Through balancing the mind, herbal essences can help the treatment of physical problems. 

Flower or herbal essences are dilute liquid extracts of flowers and plants that are prepared in a way to preserve the essence of the flower or plant, for its healing properties. The high dilution means that they are safe to be taken by anyone, including children and babies.

Flower essences are usually made following a similar method to the system developed by Dr Edward Bach, a Harley Street Doctor, in the 1930’s. Dr Bach identified 38 basic negative states of mind which he believed impacted on a person’s health and wellbeing and recovery from illness. He created a different flower essence to combat each negative state of mind.

Flower essences are usually produced by placing flowers or plants in a bowl of spring water in the sunlight for several hours. This is then diluted in an alcohol preservative and bottled. In some cases alcohol is used to extract the initial essences.

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