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Heat Treatments

Infra red
These are rays produced as part of the visible light that is given off by the sun. Infra red heat lamps have been used for their therapeutic effects for many years and may have several methods of application.
Used for warming the tissues prior to a treatment they create a soothing warmth enjoyed by many clients. In addition to this Infra-red may be used to retain heat in products applied to the face or body or as a compliment to massage helping promote relaxation and reduce muscle fatigue. 

Ultra Sound
Physiotherapists and sports therapists have traditionally used ultra sound. The energy produced is transmitted into the tissues by a hand held applicator head. It is specifically effective on tissues that have been traumatised from injury, accident or illness. The ultra sound energy has the specific effect of enhancing the healing process.
When used regularly in these professions, it has been identified for the effects produced on cellulite and hard fat conditions. As the sound energy agitates the cells helping break up dense areas and remove waste products, it is found to have a marked improvement on the texture of the hard fat and cellulite.

Clients who previously have found alternative treatments or active exercise has not reduced stubborn areas of fat or cellulite, have seen a difference with ultra sound treatments when used intensively in a localised area.
Ultra Sound tends to be incorporated into treatments such as Lymphatic drainage in the salon and is classed as an advanced treatment.

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