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Hair Removal - Sugaring

Originating in the Middle East, it was the tradition to remove all the hair from the body of the bride before her wedding day. The female members of the family would make the sugar paste; the treatment would then be applied leaving the skin perfectly smooth.
Sugar paste is now made commercially and professional training is available for Beauty Therapists.
The effects are similar to waxing removing all superfluous hair. There are two methods available. Traditional sugar paste is a ball of sugar, lemon and water heated together until it caramelises. This is then applied to the skin in a rolling method and removed lifting the hair with its root. The same ball is used repeatedly on the client and for hygiene reasons should be thrown away once the treatment. This is quite a specialised technique as it is quite different to hot wax application.
Strip sugar is very similar to warm wax. The sugar is heated and applied to the skin by means of a spatula. The sugar is removed with a paper or fabric strip pulling the hair from the root.
As with waxing, the spatula should only enter the wax heater once and then be thrown away. This eliminates any cross infection of the wax in the heater. Sugaring is said to be less sensitising to the skin and is often popular with those with heat sensitive skins. As with waxing, the success of the hair removal is only as good as the therapist.

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