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Hair Removal - Bleaching

The skin will be analysed and should it be sensitive, a test patch will be given prior to the treatment. Bleaching can be applied anywhere on the body. It can prove costly over large areas but provides an answer to dark hair that may look unnatural if removed.
The treatment tends to consist of a cream and salt type product. These are mixed to a paste and the hair is covered for approximately 15 - 20 minutes. Treatments may need to be repeated every 7 - 14 days depending on the area, colour of the hair and the rate of the hair growth. Bleaching products can be purchased in retail outlets. If applying it yourself, it is important to follow the instructions and give yourself a test patch to test the colour result and the skin sensitivity. The lightening of the hair happens in stages, should the bleach be removed too quickly the hair may have only reached the red or yellow stage.
Beware! Bleaching eyebrows can be tricky; they can tend to take on a green colour as the hair is so porous.

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