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Facials - Electrical

Micro Current
This treatment is often referred to as a 'Non surgical face lift'. It is a treatment that is designed to soften fine lines and wrinkles balancing and lifting your contours. It is applied in a course of treatments normally 2-3 a week for 10-12 treatments. The low current used has the ability to exercise your muscles with very little sensation to you, circulation is increased in the cell and all the natural processes are speeded up. This gives healthier cells in the skin and muscles producing a tighter contour and improved complexion. Once the course of treatments is complete a maintenance programme would be followed to hold the effect achieved, (ie; a monthly facial ). There are many of these treatments available with many different names, it is important to ask for all the details prior to treatment to ensure you are fully aware of the treatment regime.These facials have shown amazing results in the last 10 years and are now more sophisticated than ever.

A facial treatment often applied using roller over the skin with the application of specialised gels/serums or ampoules. It is very successful and extremely popular as it has proven to show excellent results.
It is recommended for different skin types and conditions as it has the scope to treat in two totally different ways.
The first treatment is designed to deep cleanse the pores of the skin and degrease oily areas. It can be used to deep cleanse most skins depending on their needs. It is particularly effective on oily congested skins. This is called Desincrustation.
The second treatment involves the re-balancing of the skin whatever the type. from oily to dry including sensitive. This treatment will help to re-balance, normalise and hydrate the skin. This is referred to as Iontophoresis.
These two facials are available separately as well as one facial treatment. This will depend upon the preference of the Therapist, the skin care and equipment range she is trained in and the client's needs.
The name of the facial will not always refer to Galvanic Iontophoresis or Desincrustation, however by asking the Therapist a few short questions you should be able to establish the contents of the facial advertised at the salon.

Lymphatic Drainage
This treatment will assist in the movement of a fluid called lymph. This fluid is part of the Lymphatic system of our body which aids the removal of waste products increasing circulation of Lymph.
This type of facial will involve small glass applicators which very gently lift your skin. These applicators vary is shape enabling all parts of the face and neck to be treated. They will glide over you face working with the direction of the lymph vessels. It is a relaxing facial that often incorporates other features such as exfoliation and a face mask. The name of this facial will vary depending on the range of skin care and equipment the Therapist uses. By asking the Therapist a few questions you will be able to establish the contents of the facial. Lymphatic Drainage can also be carried out with manual massage techniques to the face and body.

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