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Camouflage Makeup

Both men and women can take advantage of these products to disguise bruising, scarring, incision lines and swelling while they are recovering from plastic surgery.

Although everyone who has had plastic surgery can benefit from using these products after surgery, it is essential to make sure that all incisions have closed and stitches have been removed before attempting application.

Some people are ready to use cosmetics a few days after surgery, while others need more than a week before they are ready to attempt the application of camouflage cosmetics. The general rule is that if your open wounds have healed and you feel physically capable of getting back into your everyday routine, you are probably ready to experience the benefits of camouflage cosmetics.

There are a few different types of camouflage cosmetics and each offers a slightly different result so before you look into purchasing these products you should consider which imperfection you are most concerned with hiding.

If you are interested in covering up bruising on your face and body you will want to use a concealing product for less visible bruises. If your bruises are severe you will likely benefit from using a lavender-tinted color-correcting product that can cover up skin that has turned yellow and discolored.

Concealer is especially effective when used to cover incision lines. You can smooth concealer over these lines to make them appear less prominent and noticeable. This product is great for people who are recovering from facelifts, eyelid surgery and chin implants.

If you have had a nose job or facial implant you can take advantage of contouring camouflage makeup. Contouring makeup can drastically improve the look of swelling to the point were it is virtually unnoticeable. With the use of shadows and highlights this type of makeup draws attention to certain areas of the face while casting shadows on swollen areas that you would rather have hidden.

To ensure that you will be able to experience all the benefits of camouflage cosmetics without any risk, consult your physician before taking advantage of these special products.



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