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Radionics is a form of therapy that aims to promote healing by assessing and realigning energy in the body, and by sending precisely defined healing energy to people, animals and plants. Radionics (in common with many other complementary therapies) assumes that every living thing has a subtle energy field that sustains and vitalises the physical body.

If the subtle energy field becomes weak or damaged by stress or pollution then, in turn, the physical body will become weak and susceptible to illness and disease. The aim of radionics is to identify any weaknesses or problems with the subtle energy field and repair them. Once the energy field is whole and strong the physical body will balance and repair itself too, thereby preventing or eliminating disease.

How does it work?

Radionics works on the principle that every disease has a specific vibrational rate, which can be measured. By connecting the client to a radionic instrument and then firstly observing the reactions of the instrument and secondly using their intuition, practitioners are said to be able to determine the underlying cause of a disease.

Once that has been done, the practitioner can then determine which form of treatment will eliminate the cause of the disease. Because radionics works on the subtle energy field, it is not always necessary for the client to be present during the analysis and treatment. Instead, the work can be carried out using a piece of the client’s hair, or even a sample of the client’s handwriting (both of which carry the ‘signature’ of the person’s energy field).

What does it involve?

A consultation with a radionics practitioner can take place in person, over the phone or by questionnaire. If the client is not in the room during the consultation, a sample of blood or hair (known as a witness) is required. The practitioner then employs an analyser that uses pendulum movements (this is a form of dowsing) to gather information about the subtle energy field of the client.

This method can also be applied to animals, plants and even soil samples. Farmers sometimes use radionics to find out why a crop has produced poor results, or has completely failed. Once the analysis is complete the practitioner may then suggest treatment, which might be, for example, homeopathy, herbs or flower remedies.

What is it good for?

Studies suggest that radionics can be of use with any from of disease but not necessarily with every individual client. It has been shown to be effective with a wide range of ailments including eczema, asthma, depression, stress, panic attacks, sinusitis, arthritis, chronic fatigue and food allergies. It works with animals (both farm and domestic pets), and can be used to analyse problems with soil and with crops.

What are the benefits?

It doesn’t matter where you live, you can be treated by any practitioner anywhere in the world. Many patients have reported that radionics has been able to diagnose and treat problems that have resisted conventional medicine and other forms of complementary therapy.

What are the side effects and when should it be avoided?

Because radionic treatment takes places at a non-physical level, it does not have any unnatural side effects.

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