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EmoTranceTM is based on the very simple pre-supposition, namely that emotions are not a problem, regardless of their severity or 'label' but that the way emotions are being handled in our systems is causing many problems of many kinds.

With EmoTrance┬« therapists work with the energy blocks that give rise to negative emotions by focussing on the physical sensation of that energy block in the system, softening it and encouraging it to flow through and out of the body, freeing up the negative emotion.  

We can also train our energy systems to respond in a more healthy and energising way to incoming energy from our environment, ie. we can change how we respond to criticism, compliments, love etc, what people say & do to us, our life experiences, thereby transforming us to a more 'emotionally healthy' individual. 

EmoTrance ® is a profoundly user friendly self-help system to manage our emotions from moment to moment.

Taken from www.myhypnotherapycentre.co.uk

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