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Foot Reading

 Therapists who practice foot reading believe that our feet register changes in our lives and that by examining the feet they can view a person’s life history, emotional and physical experiences.

These changes can been seen in the colour and texture of the skin, the temperature, cracks, lines, length and shape of the toes and general shape and proportion of feet and toes.

Emotional and physical effects on your body can be seen in the feet. In the same was as reflexology manipulates points on the feet which correspond to parts of the body, changes or imbalances in the body can be seen in those particular reflex points on the feet.

Just as changes in your posture are evident when you are in different moods or experiencing different feelings, these changes can be seen on the feet.

Foot reading is used by reflexologists to understand their clients before they undergo a reflexology treatment, but it can also be used as a therapy on its own to help people identify problems and issues in their lives and help them move forward.

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