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Energy Therapy

The technique of aura balancing has been practiced for decades. Energy therapy is a spititual therpy which aims to remove imbalances in the human energy field and aura. Aura balancers believe that the aura can actually become distorted or blocked or unbalanced by judgments we make about our life experiences, which in turn can cause physical illnesses or other manifestations.

It aims to dramatically reduce stress and anxiety, increase feelings of peacefullness and relaxation, aid perceptual clarity, increase joy and confidence, increase energy levels and improve your physical health. You can do all this by removing imbalances in your human energy field and aura. These energy blocks manifest themselves as stress and anxiety. Removing the blocks restores the natural energy flow resulting in feelings of peace and harmony.

The patent removes shoes and any metal and remins fully clothed on the therapy table. The therapist will look for a block in a patient's energy flow and work to clear it. They then focus attention on the body and psychological structures that caused the energy block. Three sessions are recommended to fully restore natural energy flow. With each session, the patient becomes more and more skillful in using the balancing session and maintaining and promoting balance in general.

Noetic Field Therapy is an effective complement to any process of physical or psychological healing and can dramatically facilitate those processes.


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