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Crystal Healing

Crystals have long been powerful spiritual symbols and, today, the effects they can have on people are starting to be harnessed to treat illnesses. Practitioners believe that crystals focus the healing energy or ‘life force’ and, as such, crystal therapy can be used either to treat specific ailments, or for more general healing.

How does it work?

Crystals have a perfect hexagonal molecular structure that causes them to vibrate at a constant rate. This is what makes them such good components in many modern technological items such as watches and computers. It is thought that, when placed close to specific organs or energy points within the body, crystals will activate a vibrational response that initiates the process of balancing and harmonising.

It is thought that specific types of crystal are best able to treat specific organs, or parts of the body. For example, amazonite is used to calm the nervous system and strengthen the heart; dioptase is used to soothe ulcers and nervous stomach; fluorite is thought to strengthen teeth and bones; hematite activates the spleen and increases resistance to stress; jade works on the kidneys and immune system.

What does it involve?

Generally the client, fully dressed, lies on a massage table whilst the therapist lays on the body various patterns and combinations of crystals. The pattern and the types of crystals used will depend on the individual needs of the client. One person, for example, might have a quartz crystal placed on the crown of the head, a piece of lapis lazuli on the brow, another quartz crystal on the throat and two rose quartz crystals on the heart area.

Another client might have, for example, pieces of fluorite laid out in a line along the vertebrae with rose quartz crystals set out on each foot. The intricate patterns used are intended to activate the body’s energy points. It is thought this allows the crystal energy to reach every level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – harmonising and healing where appropriate.

In addition, the therapist may also help the client to choose a crystal to take away. The crystal, which is usually carried in a pocket or worn as a piece of jewellery, is selected to encourage the body to continue healing and balancing after the healing session.

What is it good for?

Crystal healing can be used for a variety of physical ailments including, for example, migraines, digestive problems and low energy. In addition, crystal healing is often used to help mental and emotional issues such as tension, stress, depression and anxiety.

What are the benefits?

Most crystal therapists aim to treat their clients holistically, taking into account all of the individual’s physical, mental and emotional needs. Most clients report that a crystal healing session is very calming and relaxing.

What are the side effects and when should it be avoided?

There are no known side effects from the use of crystals.

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