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Bio-Energy Therapy/Chi Healing

Bio Energy is based on the fact we are all energy beings. We all have energy that passes around us and through us, the Chinese call this 'Chi'. An ancient Chinese healing therapy which originated in China around 1122 BC
The Chinese believe that all illness starts in the Energy system first before it moves into the Physical body.
This happens because our energy becomes blocked, the Chakras that act as the energy centres in our body can't or won’t process the energy through because of congestion or being over worked. Our Body has energy centers which we call Chakras.
These act as energy transformers, transforming the energy that flows in and sending it throughout our body.
This can be highlighted by Stress. We all know that Stress starts outside our body in our
circumstances or our environment, but in a very short space of time we feel it in our physical body.
Bio Energy is about locating the problem areas and through gentle hand movements correct or rebalance the area so the bodies own healing and recovery process can begin to work.

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