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Meridian Stretch Massage

Meridian Stretch Massage is based on Chinese Acupressure Massage with Korean  

Kyung-Rak and Japanese Shiatsu techniques. This technique of meridian stretch massage was developed by Wan-Hye Park, a qualified tutor and western & eastern therapist.

This technique works on the whole body to relax and energize through meridian stretch and uses gentle finger & palm pressure on the meridians. It can be applied through clothes or on the skin directly. All treatment movements & techniques work with the natural breathing rhythms of the client to which the therapist tunes in.

The principle of Meridian Stretch Massage is to stimulate along the meridian by stretching massage & using acupressure points for tonification & sedation on the meridians. This could encourage better or smoother body energy flow.

After the treatment the client should benefit from relaxation of the full body and an energized feeling.

What can I expect to achieve?

By the end of the course you should be able to:

  - Perform a full body treatment of meridian stretch massage

  - Be aware of Contraindications and Health & Safety requirements

  - Recognize muscle tone

  - Practice Meridian Stretch Technique

  - Practice Tonification & Sedation technique

  - Locate common treatment acupressure points

How I will be taught?

The method will include:

  Talk by tutor, practical demonstration, word-storm, question & answer, pair work,  feedback

How will I know I am progressing?

Your progress will be monitored and you will be given regular feed back through out the day by your tutor.

What qualification will I get?

If you successfully finish, you will have CPD Meridian Stretch Massage certificate by the College of Chinese Medicine and CPD points accredited by Acupuncture Society.

Also, you will become a member of Acupuncture Society (membership fee is £50/yr)

Course Content

  - TCM basic theories

  - Contraindications, Health & Safety

  - Treatment of common muscular-skeletal problems

  - Meridian stretch techniques

  - Tonification & Sedation techniques

  - Movement with breathing rhythm

  - A practical test

What Next?

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