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Rolfing - Structural Integration

Developed by an American Bio-chemist- Ida Rolf (1896- 1979) Rolfing, also know as ‘structural integration.' is a treatment of deep tissue massage which was designed with the aim of improving posture, re-aligning muscles and helping the body to recover its natural fluidity and ease of movement. 


A session will last approximately one and a half hours during which the practitioner will use slow controlled movements working deeply into the connective tissues while the client performs deliberate specific movements with the aim of re-educating natural movement memory.


The massage helps to release tissues from a position which they may have adopted following a trauma to the body, habits learnt over time or just under the influence of the normal gravitational pull. Trying to alter habits without additional tissue massage only create resistance to an action and will not lead to positive permanent change. Additional external massage will help to unlock the network of tissues and free up movement.


Since the massage works deep into the tissue it can cause moments of powerful sensation, and this can bring deep emotional release for some people. Consequently Rolfing can also aid people to resolve emotional issues which are dramatised by or related to the pattern of movements of the body.  


All practitioners of Rolfing are trained to a high standard by the Rolf Institute in Colorado USA. Training includes rigorous anatomical and physiological training, extensive ‘hands on’ manipulative work, and psychological and empathetic preparation to a high level.

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