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Trager Approach

The Trager Approach

The Trager® Approach is the innovative life-time work of Milton Trager MD. This complimentary therapy expands your consciousness be deepening your ability to feel and, in so doing, releases unconscious tension and associated memories held in your body. There are three parts: table-work, Reflex Response techniques and Mentastics® Movement Education.

For the table-work you can wear soft, loose clothing or undress to underwear. Whatever you decide you will be covered with a warm sheet which the practitioner can work through or which can be discretely drawn back for working on specific areas. Practitioners use very gentle movement, such as rocking, pulsing, shimmering, lifting, or weighing, to create a repertoire of new sensation. Waves of motion pass through your body until they meet resistance where they are absorbed. This happens below your conscious ability to move yourself, so your perception is taken into ever deeper levels of sensation and freedom of movement. This, in turn, allows the resistance to release. As it does so, a freer range of motion, feeling and understanding replaces your habitual response. At the same time, buried memories can safely return to consciousness without triggering the fears and anxieties that originally conditioned you.

Reflex Response techniques may be used to awaken the independence of specific muscles, bring flexibility to restricted areas of the body and stimulate core muscles.

Mentastics are simple exercises that focus on how our range and quality of movement changes with different thoughts, since what we think affects our freedom of movement. They enable you to embody the table-work and explore new sensations at even deeper levels. Essentially, Mentastics teach adults to play again and are great fun to do.

The Trager Approach is effective at releasing a wide range of neuromuscular and psychophysical conditions, including: back-aches, neck-aches, trapped nerves, as well as the adverse physical and psychological effects from accidents injuries and operations. It can also relieve post-traumatic stress disorder, ME, fibromyalgia, poor posture, depression, carpel tunnel syndrome and much more. Trager has been used by musicians, singers, actors and dancers as well as sports men and women to maximise their accessibility to their potential. If you have ever felt there should be more to life, discover Trager.

For further information on The Trager Approach please see: www.trager.co.uk or www.trager.com

® Trager and Mentastics are registered trade marks of TRAGER International.

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