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Su Jok Therapy

Su Jok is a simple yet effective therapy that uses the hands (Su) and feet (Jok) as treatment areas to correct the balance of energies in the body, to bring about relief from pain and disease.

The philosophy is that the body is mirrored onto the hands, also feet, and ‘pain spots’ from organs, body systems, joints, etc. can be found on the hand/foot through probing the correspondence area. Utilising various methods of stimulation e.g. acupressure, magnets, moxa, seeds (external application) needling, colour, etc. etc. to the correspondence areas on the hands and/or feet, electro magnetic waves travel back to the lesion area, which in turn normalises energy flow, bringing about rapid pain relief. Any pathology, whether it is acute or chronic, related to bones and joints, muscles, organs, body systems, emotional disturbance, addiction etc. can be treated without drugs.

Through observation  Dr. Park, Jae Woo became increasingly aware of his patient’s posture when they were in pain and discovered that through putting the related body area into a series of  stretch positions, initiated by the patient so there is no risk of exacerbating existing conditions, ‘twisting’ in the opposite pain direction brought immediate relief from pain. When patients are unable to stretch their body parts, then the treatment can be carried out to the correspondence area on the client’s hand or foot.

Su Jok therapy is not yet widely recognised in the UK but is practiced in many countries throughout the world. Medical doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, sports therapists, reflexologists, massage therapists, kinesiologists, etc. have taken training and testify that this is a cutting edge system.

Dr. Park, Jae Woo a Korean scientist developed these concepts over 20yrs ago. Large scale studies have been made by scientists and Russian medical doctors, and their trials have conclusively shown that the Su Jok treatments they have administered to trial groups of patients in clinics and hospitals, have had positive and extremely encouraging outcomes.  Full information relating to clinical studies can be obtained from Su Jok Academy, Russia www.sujok.ru

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