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Yogic Touch Therapy

Yogic Touch heals physical mental and emotional TRAUMA & Stress conditions, helping you to adjust to changes, to regain your natural ease, confidence, and power. Yogic Touch Therapy has been developed by Brigette Hass, through working and studying energy awareness and body-work and her full time practice since 1987.

It has been documented that at least 75% of all ill health and disease is caused by underlying stress. Stress is held in the cell structure and requires listening! A session releases stress and calms the nervous system by engaging the ‘Body Intelligence’, thus is guided throughout by the client's need. A treatment may include energy healing, holding, massage, stretching, body-alignment, stress management and the Muscle Memory Release technique.

In the broad sense of the word ‘Yoga’ means harmonising, unifying and balancing body mind and spirit.  This is what Yogic Touch does in a safe non-invasive, non-manipulative way, releasing and healing the TRAUMA, stress and pain condition on a deep level.

Clients have reported that a session is like a deep sleep. They feel rejuvenated energised light and much more relaxed and free to more forward.

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