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Healer Dowsing

Dowsing, also known as 'divining', is an intuitive art and discipline used in all parts of the world in both ancient and modern times. A technique for bringing information from the intuitive or subconscious senses to the attention of the rational mind, it has potential value in almost every area of human endeavour, research and activity, and dowsing practitioners find it a valuable tool in both their work and their everyday lives.
Many practitioners of a wide range of holistic therapies find dowsing of assistance in the assessment of their clients and in the selection of the most suitable and appropriate treatments for them.
The practice of healthcare, both conventional and holistic, is generally held to be both art and science, and even in the most high-tech of therapeutic environments, the intuitive 'hunch' of the practitioner is rarely disregarded and is often found to be of great benefit.
As a way of disciplining and refining such intuitive senses, dowsing is a valuable and practical tool available for the assistance of both assessment and treatment selection. Not to be discarded as unscientific or because not readily explained as a phenomenon, dowsing, like any other tool or technique, should be assessed on its merits of useful and beneficial outcome.
Many holistic therapies rely on an assessment of and interaction with wide-ranging aspects of a persons’ life and condition, some of which are readily apparent or detectable through history-taking, examination and investigation, and many of which may lie beyond the immediately apparent, and exist in more concealed areas of the human psyche. As an intuitive interaction between client and practitioner, carefully directed dowsing can access information from regions of body, mind and spirit that can allow the therapeutic process to be directed towards the underlying causes of health and disease rather than towards the current symptomatic expression of those issues.
Dowsing is best regarded in the clinical setting not as a substitute for therapeutic knowledge and skills, but rather as an aid and additional tool to be used to support and guide the practitioner in doing their best work.  Effectiveness when dowsing relies on framing and asking the most relevant questions, and therefore the more knowledgeable and skilled the practitioner is in their chosen therapeutic field, the more relevant and useful will their dowsing be to them. Cross checking one’s dowsing responses against other processes allows dowsing to be integrated into the practitioners’ 'tool kit' alongside all of their other skills.
Taken from the website of the British Society of Dowsers:


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